Corporate Data・About First Class Trainers

Fundamental Business Thoughts and Feelings


 We, at First Class Trainers (FCT), provide personal training services to support the health and development of people.


We aim to create an environment where people of all ages and genders can enjoy a comfortable life and have the desire to make life the best it can be.


This is a universal value of people.


The FCT business operates along the themes of "Bring Fitness Closer!" and "Exercise in Everyday Life!"


Additionally, we adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to coexist with a rich global environment.

Our Vision

We, at First Class Trainers, envision creating innovation by merging various services, all while viewing the world of business with a broad perspective, free from the conventional wisdom and practices of the industry. Looking back at history, we believe that the factors that have allowed our human ancestors to survive are the sharing of knowledge and information through communal living, and the inventions and new connections that have resulted from this, which are carried on to the present day. First Class Trainers aims to evolve as a provider of physical health solutions, creating new value through collaborations with various companies.

Operating Policy

We at FCT, support the relationship between our clients and freelance personal trainers, and we are a company that develops a triune business model that allows for mutual growth.

The following principles have been firmly established within our organization since its inception. They are inherent to our commitment to sustainability:


- Clearly define roles and value all partners involved.

- Foster leadership among freelance personal trainers as independent professionals.

- Prioritize financial soundness by minimizing waste and investing in what truly matters.

"Thank you very much for choosing to visit First Class Trainers (FCT) among the many personal training gyms available. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with each and every one of our clients and achieve common goals together.


With the recent health and fitness boom, we have witnessed the emergence of various fitness-related businesses such as personal gyms, yoga studios, and 24/7 gyms.


FCT was established as a completely new personal training gym with a focus on high expertise and a carefully selected team of trainers to help our clients achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.


Our team of personal trainers at FCT consists of highly specialized professionals, including renowned personal trainers, athletic trainers, athlete trainers, bodybuilding contest winners, licensed healthcare professionals, and private certifications. Personal training requires a firm understanding of the training objectives and constant monitoring of the training process. Furthermore, customer needs evolve over time. Our company's system allows us to quickly respond to various needs and provide exclusive personal trainers who can help our clients achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. We are the only company in Japan that offers this level of service (as of May 2023, with 230 contracted trainers).


At FCT, our core belief is that by providing the best service to our personal trainers, they can, in turn, provide the best personal training service to our clients. This trainer-first approach has been ingrained in our corporate culture since the beginning and has fostered a strong relationship of trust with our trainers, leading to an elevated level of hospitality for our clients. This three-tiered management style is what we take pride in as the "new form" of personal training.


Each interaction with our clients, along with the process of evaluating and improving our personal training services through success and failure, is invaluable to us at First Class Trainers. The accumulation of these experiences serves as our greatest resource. We pay attention to even the smallest details and continually strive to evolve towards providing the best service. We have a team of members who share these values. With a refined group of trainers coming together, we strongly believe that the reason for our success lies in this unity.


Our personal trainers understand and experience the immense joy that comes from sincerely engaging with each individual client and delivering personal training with passion. Each personal trainer at First Class Trainers is an entrepreneur. It is because they are entrepreneurs that they pour their passion into each session and approach each training session with a sense of responsibility for the clients who have entrusted them.


Furthermore, they continuously engage in self-improvement and learning to enhance their physical, coaching, and business skills. Knowing that there is "joy" beyond the "difficulties," they can share their own experiences with clients. Personal training's greatest advantage lies in the fact that even during challenging moments, we can support and enjoy the process together. Personal training leads to improvements in strength, cardiovascular function, and overall transformation towards a healthier body. It becomes a source of comfort and enrichment in life. We invite you to join us at FCT, set common goals, and make your dreams a reality!


May 2023


First Class Trainers Co., Ltd.

President and CEO

Masachika Kajiwara"


Company name First Class Trainers Co.,Ltd


Head Office




TEL0120-89-4615 (In Japanese only)   For English 06-4800-3150




大阪市北区大深町3-1 グランフロント大阪ナレッジキャピタル K806号室



Business Hours

Main Office 10:00〜20:00(Open All Year)

Each Studio

We will listen to the customer's of request then deside within the range our trainer can accommodate.

We are open for consultation of early morning training and night training.


June 1, 2015


90 Million JPY 


Masachika Kajiwara


230 Trainers as of May 2023

Licenses and Certifications

 JSPO-AT (Japan Strength & Powerlifting Organization - Athletic Trainer), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), physical therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. sports athletes, bodybuilding award recipients, models, and dancers. 


Management of personal training stores, management of stusio group lessons,

Training of personal trainers, Training, Training workshop, Sales of training

equipment, sales of DVD-books etc

Company History



June Masachika Kajiwara and Lesmills instructor were founded and established

FCT Tenmabashi Studio 1 in Tenmabashi Grand Open
 Konami Sports&Life Corp and Lesmills come to contact agreement
 Lesmills at BLOCK(BC,BA,SH3 items)start operation

2016 June

FCT Tenmabashi Studio 2 Open


Lesmills agency agree to contact with Lesmills Japan LLC



FCT Sakaisujihonmachi Studio Open


FCT Umeda-kita 1 Studio Open


FCT Tenjinbashisuji 3 Open
 Lesmills Event held at MBS "Chayamachi Plaza"


FCT Kitahama Main Office and Kitahama Studio Open


FCT Minami Horie Studio Open
FCT Esaka Studio Open

Appeared in Reebok sponsored event at "Expo City"


FCT Nagahoribashi Studio Open
FCT Tenjinbashisuji 6 Studio Open


FCT Kyoto sanjyo Studio Open


Appeared in Reebok sponsored event at "Expo City"



FCT Kuzuha Studio Open

FCT Shin-Osaka Studio Open


FCT Hyotanyama Studio Open

FCT Nara-Omiya Studio Open


FCT Hurukawabashi Studio Open

Appeared in Reebok sponsored event at "Expo City"


FCT Umeda-Kita 2 Studio Open

VIVO Sports Club (Saps Corp) and FCT Come to Business Prtnership Contract Agreement


Year Month Milestone/Event
2019 January Launch of "Gloval Division Team" for overseas expansion and inbound services
2019 February Commencement of hiring foreign trainers
2019 April Introduction of "ALOHA KIDS" fitness program for toddlers and children at Tenmanbashi 2nd Store, Shin-Osaka Store, and Furukawabashi (Kadoma City)
2019 October Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Umeda Shinmichi Studio" (Osaka City)
2019 December Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Kobe Chuo Studio" (Kobe City)
2020 January Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Higashiosaka Hanazono Studio" (Higashiosaka City)
2020 March Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Karasuma-dori Studio" (Kyoto City)
2020 August Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Kurakuen-guchi Studio" (Nishinomiya City)
2020 September Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Minamimorimachi Studio" (Osaka City)
2020 December Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Tenri Studio" (Nara, Tenri City)
2021 February Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Nihonbashi Studio" (Osaka City)
2021 April Acquisition of Tone Body Conditioning (Nara City)
2021 June Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Ashiya Studio" (Ashiya City)
2021 July Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Osaka Sayamakongo Studio" (Osaka City)
2021 October Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Kitasenri Studio" (Suita City)
2021 December Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Takatsuki Studio" (Takatsuki City)
2022 January Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Tennoji Eki-mae STUDIO 2" (Osaka City)
2022 January Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Shinosaka Kita Studio" (Osaka City)
2022 January Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Ashiya Higashiyama Studio" (Ashiya City)
2022 April Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Ikoma Studio" (Ikoma City)
2022 June Introduction of corporate personal training service "Corporate Business Plan"
2022 July Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Minamisemba Nagahori Studio" (Osaka City)
2022 August Opening of Tone Body Conditioning Nara Omiya Studio (Nara City)
2022 September Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Nara Oji Studio" (Nara City)
2022 September Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Tezukayama Studio" (Osaka City)
2022 October Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Kuzha Studio" (HIrakata Kuzuhakinami)
2022 October Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Kuzuha Studio" (Hirakata City)
2023 January Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Kyoto Tango Studio" (Kyoto City)
2023 January Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS Sumiyoshi Studio" (Kobe City)
2023 February Establishment of COLLABO Promotion Room at Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital (Osaka City)
2023 February Opening of "FIRSTCLASSTRAINERS30" 30-minute fitness program in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
2023 March Recognition as a "Health Declaration" workplace by the Osaka Branch of the National Insurance Association (working towards certification as a Health Excellent Corporation)
2023 March Adoption of AI motion analysis "Sportip" developed by a venture from the University of Tsukuba in personal training
2023 May Number of personal trainer contracts reaches 230

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