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“The joy of working hard and reaching a common goal with each and every one of our clients.”

We deliver “First Class” Service to our clients. We hope to continue to treasure the origin of the foundation that is the origin of our company name.

Out of all the great personal training gyms out today, we thank you very much for choosing First Class Trainers.  At first class trainers, our basic philosophy is to provide our clients with "best service" possible in the field of health. We believe the examination of our customers’ successes and failures from our services then constantly enhance the clients’ experiences have created the best shortcut for us to provide the “best service” possible. This is one of the many reasons we have been able to continuously grow our business.


Our personal trainers deeply understand and always feel the great joy comes through humbly providing the best personal training service with a passion to every client.

Our trainers are not just trainers but also business owners. They are dedicated and responsible for providing the best service at every session they receive from their client.


Our trainers at First Class Trainers stay honed on our highest physical fitness standards and coaching and business skills through constant research and self-discipline.  Because our trainers fully preach what they practice, they can understand “joy” comes after “hardship” and they are able to contribute it to their clients.
One of the benefits of personal trainings is that clients and trainers can work together to overcome their hardships and enjoy the journey, and we strongly believe that it is the most efficient tip to build your desired body!

We also believe that building your strength and cardio function with our personal training programs is what leads you to live better life.

Come and let’s work together to reach your goals!!!


 October 23,2017

First Class Trainers Co.,Ltd

Masachika Kajiwara, President & CEO


Company name First Class Trainers Co.,Ltd


(Head Office)

gran-corp higashi-koraibashi 2F

2-5 higashi-koraibashi, chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 540-0039

TEL0120-89-4615 (In Japanese only)   For English 06-4800-3150


Business Hours

Main Office 10:00〜20:00(Open All Year)

Each Studio

We will listen to the customer's of request then deside within the range our trainer can accommodate.

We are open for consultation of early morning training and night training.



June 1, 2015


30miliion yen

Head Representative

Masachika Kajiwara


Masanori Sakuragi, COO
Miki  Simizu, CRM Divition, COO
Kohei Ikeda, Strength Divition, COO

Kensaku Bito, Conditioning Divition, COO

Yoko Umeda, Advisor ,Total Fit Corp CEO (Part time lecturer of Kyoto University )

Dai Uohara, Advisor New Business Divition

Business Profile

Management of personal training stores, management of stusio group lessons,

Training of personal trainers, Training, Training workshop, Sales of training

equipment, sales of DVD-books etc

Company History



June Masachika Kajiwara and Lesmills instructor were founded and established

FCT Tenmabashi Studio 1 in Tenmabashi Grand Open
 Konami Sports&Life Corp and Lesmills come to contact agreement
 Lesmills at BLOCK(BC,BA,SH3 items)start operation

2016 June

FCT Tenmabashi Studio 2 Open


Lesmills agency agree to contact with Lesmills Japan LLC



FCT Sakaisujihonmachi Studio Open


FCT Umeda-kita 1 Studio Open


FCT Tenjinbashisuji 3 Open
 Lesmills Event held at MBS "Chayamachi Plaza"


FCT Kitahama Main Office and Kitahama Studio Open


FCT Minami Horie Studio Open
FCT Esaka Studio Open

Appeared in Reebok sponsored event at "Expo City"


FCT Nagahoribashi Studio Open
FCT Tenjinbashisuji 6 Studio Open


FCT Kyoto sanjyo Studio Open


Appeared in Reebok sponsored event at "Expo City"



FCT Kuzuha Studio Open

FCT Shin-Osaka Studio Open


FCT Hyotanyama Studio Open

FCT Nara-Omiya Studio Open


FCT Hurukawabashi Studio Open

Appeared in Reebok sponsored event at "Expo City"


FCT Umeda-Kita 2 Studio Open

VIVO Sports Club (Saps Corp) and FCT Come to Business Prtnership Contract Agreement

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