We are HIRING: Freelance Personal Trainers!(Partnership)

We, First Class Trainers Co., Ltd, support you to provide business opportunities for your own business. We connect you with clients who are in need of your great skills and abilities.

Contact us if you want to be successful! We will get you where you want to go!

Application Guidelines(Personal Trainer)

First Class Trainers Co., Ltd help Freelance Personal Trainers, Athletes, Models, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Health Experts and Specialists, expand their businesses.
We strongly believe that maintaining to provide excellent customer services including online marketing, booking systems, customer managements is one of the most important factors of business. 


We provide our personal trainers with what it takes to be a great trainer whom our clients would love. It will help trainers not only become successful but scale their business into the higher level.


We have the wide range of clients, from beginners to pro athletes, waiting for you!


Please submit your application now! Let us help you make your dream come true!

Available Employment Status Types

 1Independent Contract Trainers

  For freelances who wish to work with us as your main partner.


 2.  Registered Trainers

  For freelances who wish to work with us on the side of your main job(s).

 3.  Trainee

  For those who wish to become a personal trainer.


Open Position

1. Strength and Conditioning Trainer

2. Conditioning Trainer

3. Total Bodybuilding Trainer

4. Physical Therapist/Acupuncturist/Massage Specialist


・Those who wish to be a successful fleelancer!!

○Earning System

①Independent Contract Trainer 50%~60% of Total Revenue
 e.g)Monthly Revenue: 1M JPY from Personal Taining Sessions
 Your Earnings will be :1M JPY ×60%=600,000JPY
 Trainers can utilize all our facilities and equipment
②Independent Registered Trainer

40% of Total Revenue(Independent Contract)

Trainers can utilize all our facilities and equipment


170,000JPY + Commissions(Revenue/Qualification Allowance/Raise) Only if you complete 80 sessions or more


○Work Hours

Only when you have appointments with your clients


○Available Studios(26 Studios in the Kansai Area)

Tenmabashi 1 Studio, Tenmabashi 2 Studio, Sakisuji-Honmachi Studio, Umeda-Kida 1 Studio, Umeda-Kita 2 Studio, Kitahama Studio in Main Office, Minamihorie Studio, Esaka Stusdio, Nagahoribashi Studio, Shin-Osaka Studio, Kuzuha Studio, Tenjinbashisuji6 Studio, Hyotanyama Studio, Furukawabashi Studio, Tennouji Studio, Kyoto Sanjyo Studio, Partner Fitness Club/Gym, etc.




〇Job Description


Strength and Conditioning Coaching


Personal Training Management
Personal Training Assistance
Personal Training Sessions
Reception/Customer Follow-ups
Other tasks as necessary

7 Tips to be a great trainer

  1. Keep studios and fitness equipment neat, tidy, and organized.   

  2. Be humble and never stop learning to be better. Deliver the value you gained through your experiences.

  3. Keep yourself updated with new information, methods, knowledge. Be enthusiastic to learn new things from meetings, seminars, and the like.

  4. Be professional and be proud of what you do. Have passion and responsibility for your jobs and actions. Basic business manners such as being on time and avoid being absent.

  5. Understand clients body types and observe their strengths and weaknesses to prevent injuries during the session.

  6. Be flexible and knowledgeable in various fields to meet customer needs.

  7. Be a good team player and support and respect other team members.

Contact us at

Recruitment Office
  〒540-0039 2-5 Higashi-Koraibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka, Osaka, Japan

TEL: 06-4800-3150(For English)
  Tel:0120-89-4615(Toll Free :IN JAPANESE)

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