How was the trial session?

  1. Since it was my first time taking a persona training session, I was a bit nervous, but the trainer helped me feel less nervous, and I was able to comfortably start the session. During the session, he taught me the correct form of each exercise to target the right body part. I felt that it is very important to have a trainer that can watch me while exercising. His workout program is very tough, but I will do my best to keep up!

  2. The trainer was understanding of my needs and he advised me to do the exercises that are sustainable for my age. Literally time flied during the session and I loved it!
  3. The trainer gave me the workout that meet my fitness level. I believe I can get some result fast from her workouts.
  4. It was not just a regular personal training session, on the top of the exercises, the trainer corrected and adjusted my posture. She gave me some advice on my diet and nutrition as well. I am looking forward to improve my lifestyle through her personal training program.
  5. Great counseling and 30 min workout session! I really enjoyed it. I can bring my girlfriend and enjoy workout together in the complete private gym with a great trainer is definitely a great advantage and it keeps me motivated to workout harder! The trainer does not go easy on you during the workout but that’s what I need to see the result I want!
  6. I am sure that I can archive my goal to get fit! I want to start soon!
  7. All the exercises were very hard. I felt I am so out of shape. But it was really fun! Thanks!
  8. The gym was not like other gyms that I’ve been too before. It was clean and love the atmosphere of the gym!
  9. I think I will continue with the trainer because he taught me the effective way of exercise and
  10. The trainer taught me many things such as what and which muscle to focus when you execute each exercise and the correct techniques. I came with my kids and they were also happy because the trainer was friendly to them and play with them after the session. I would like to come here often!  
  11. It was harder than I thought but I enjoyed the session so much!
  12. The trainer understands my needs and my weaknesses. Especially, when he saw my body, he noticed that I needed to fix my bad posture I got from work. I will try to fix it and will try to get in shape!
  13. I have been going to the gym, but I was having a hard time break out of my lifting plateau. But the trainer helped me push harder than usual. I really need his help to get better!