Our team of professional trainers from various fields will help you achieve your ideal body in the shortest time possible, whether you are a beginner looking to make exercise a habit, or an athlete looking to improve performance, or someone who aims to achieve a beautiful body line through diet and bodybuilding. We will provide personalized training that perfectly fits your goals.

  First Class Trainers will help you choose a workout plan

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First Class Trainers' 5 Characteristics


1.World Class Trainers-The Highest Business Standards in the Fitness Industry

Our professional team consists of world-renowned ‘’LESMILLS’’ certified trainers, One of The World’s No.1 Bodybuilding Competitions, Best Body Japan’s certified Trainers, Top Models, Athletes, Judo-Therapists, acupuncturists, …etc.

We regularly conduct brush-up tests to ensure that our contracted personal trainers maintain their great physiques and that their business manners and skills are up to our highest standards.

Since we have a wide range of clients including both male and female and from younger to older people, our progressive workout programs are customized to be suited for the first-time beginners to professional athletes.



2. State-of-the-Art Personal Training Gym with Abundant Machines and Functional Tools!


Our personal training gym offers the latest in training equipment and tools, including the cutting-edge functional training used by world-renowned athletes and top models. Our trainers are highly skilled and utilize a variety of tools, such as ROGUE power racks and TAFFSTUFF smith machines, in addition to functional tools, to efficiently train physical abilities such as strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and core stability. This allows us to lead our clients to their desired physique in the shortest time possible through effective free weight and machine training.


Our clients range from teenagers to people in their 80s and seek personal training not only for conditioning but also for body care, making it one of our most popular training programs. First Class Trainers' personal training gym has a loyal client base due to its abundant training tools and excellent services.


By offering a variety of training programs, our personal training provides our clients with fresh and enjoyable challenges, which enables them to maintain a long-term engagement in training without disrupting their lifestyle. We provide effective tips to improve your diet, tone your abs or buttocks, enhance sports performance, improve chronic back pain, frozen shoulder and other complaints, and provide body care without disrupting your lifestyle.


※About TRX® 

※About VIPR


3. Utilizing IT and AI Technology to Improve Training Services Quality (Optional)

At First Class Trainers, we utilize SPORTIP's motion analysis technology, a venture from the University of Tsukuba, in our personal training services. To maximize the individuality of our clients and achieve their goals as quickly as possible, we need to evaluate their physical characteristics, body data, and medical history. While traditional personal training relies on the trainer's experience and intuition, we use IT and AI technology to provide our skilled trainers with postural evaluation and motion analysis data, enabling us to maximize our clients' potential.


In addition, we offer individualized machine training, from beginners to advanced users, using technogym's AI training machine, "Bioscircuit" (in some stores).


※ For more information on the optional service "Sportip+," please contact us.

4.New "Barefoot "Workout Style

At First Class Trainers, we have installed FIFA official artificial turf in all our studios that enhances your motivation for your workout!

We conduct our exercises barefoot and on artificial grass to fully maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

All our exercises are conducted "barefoot" on artificial grass to stimulate from the sole to further maximize the effectiveness and performance of your workouts.

Furthermore, we fully take advantage of the spacious studio for you to have fun and continue your life-long fitness journey!

Aroma fragrance, blended in 100% natural original blend, gives a pleasant stimulus to all five senses during training and keeps the artificial turf always disinfected and deodorized.



5.Women Friendly "Private Charter Gym"

We have 55 studios located throughout Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. Whether it’s a studio nearby the station, a studio with a parking lot, a studio with a shower, a relaxing studio with a sofa, or a safe studio where you can bring your children, we can provide you with a studio that can fit your needs.

And since all the studios are private and for reservation only, you can focus on your workouts as if you are in your own private gym.

Our private studios are available not only for one-on-one training lessons but also groups of friends, couples, families, etc. We offer a reasonable price for those group sessions (up to 8 people).

Our expert, professional certified trainers are available for you to book throughout the year! 


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  • First Class Trainers are recommended to those who


  • Are not good at sports in general
  • Desire to get fit, but do not know where to start

  • Do not have anyone around that can provide nutritional knowledge and workout advice

  • Cannot commit to the gym for long-term

  • Cannot lose weight on their own.

  • Do not like following a traditional strict diet plan

  • Struggle to stay on a diet

  • Were able to lose weight with a short-term diet but regained it right back

  • Are getting injured from doing exercises on their own

  • Have a hectic schedule

  • Have children but desire to go to the gym

  • Wish to work out with your friends privately

  • Wish to fix your back/shoulder pain

  • Want to work out casually

  • Desire to change yourself

One-Day Plan

Do you want to come in and get your workout done whenever you like? Want to work out with your family or friends at a reasonable price? This plan is highly recommended for you. This plan is available for not only One-on-One sessions but also Group lessons (Up to 8 people).


Set Plan

We 100% guarantee reservation time and booking of your favorite studio.

Recommended to those who want to have a fixed workout schedule or beginners who want to form a habit of going to the gym.




Set Plan Plus+

We 100% guarantee reservation time and booking of your favorite studio

Our newest coaching technology featuring the ‘’Asken’’ and “Poral,” will help you improve the efficiency of your workouts to help get you the results you want.


Conditioning Training Plan


We help you reduce your stubborn pains and improve your mobility and flexibility through our conditioning training. This plan also helps you prevent injuries


Weight Loss Plan

(Smart Watch DIEt)


Ultimate 2-Month Weight Loss Plan!

 Includes 2 sessions a week and weekly personal counseling to keep you on track.

We also use ‘’Asken’’ and “Poral” to monitor your activity and your coach will offer you weekly dietary advice.

Recommended to those who want to see results quickly!

Experience a new approach to training with the "8LOOP" method!

Our goal is to increase your metabolism and regain your body's natural strength by using your existing muscles, resulting in a supple, toned body without excess. Our 8LOOP training provides a fresh stimulus to your body, helping you achieve your desired physique.

Get Stronger For Female


Do you want to build the desired body you have been wishing for decades in just 2 months?

Make it happen with Asia Physique Champion in 2 months now! 

Say Goodbye to your bad habits, and we will help you dramatically improve your lifestyle.


English Fitness Program for Children

ALOHA KIDS is a fitness program for young children and kids' English conversation. Designed to enhance children's motor skills and English proficiency in a fun and enjoyable way during their "Golden Age" or developmental stage. Our bilingual trainers will help children move their bodies while learning English conversation.


About Our Training Methods


At First Class Trainers' studio, our personal training sessions offer a wide variety of exercises. We use cutting-edge functional tools such as TRX® and ViPR®, as well as free weights and conditioning training, to customize your training program according to your fitness level. We focus on efficiently training your physical abilities, such as strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and core stability, to create a balanced and mobile body. Our training with the latest functional tools allows for core training from various angles, resulting in a stable and beautiful core and a toned body line. Our personal trainers at First Class Trainers are skilled in creating effective training menus even in limited spaces, providing rational and effective training programs that cater to a wide range of clients, from beginners to athletes.

About Our Personal Trainers


Top-notch Personal Trainers at First Class Trainers


At First Class Trainers, we have a team of unique and diverse personal trainers including bilingual trainers, popular instructors from "LES MILLS," bodybuilding contest winners, models, dancers, athletes, physical therapists, judo practitioners, and acupuncturists who are making a big impact both nationally and globally. With over 100 trainers available, we can tailor our personal training services to meet your specific needs.


All of our trainers continuously work on their own self-improvement and are committed to providing you with personalized attention and support to help you achieve your body goals, whether it's bodybuilding, weight loss, or conditioning.


Tell us about your ultimate goal and we will take responsibility for guiding you through the shortest possible path to achieving it.


We offer different categories of personal trainers, allowing you to choose the trainer who fits your needs and goals (fees vary depending on the category of trainer). If you're not sure which trainer to choose, just let us know your goals, and we'll find the perfect match for you.


Trust us to help you achieve the best body of your life, to turn your dreams into reality, and to achieve "health," which money can't buy.


Choosing the right personal trainer is the most important factor in maximizing the effectiveness of your training. Our specialized trainers are equipped with training techniques that can produce results in just one tatami mat-sized space, and create exercise programs using the latest functional training tools.


In addition, we offer intelligent meal plans that suit your specific needs, rather than forcing you into strict dieting. With our enjoyable and sustainable training menu, we will help you maintain motivation, ensuring that you will have a long-lasting and healthy body. Our famous instructors and bodybuilding contest winners, who are globally recognized for their skills and experience, are able to bring out your maximum potential. Our experienced and knowledgeable personal trainers at First Class Trainers are committed to providing you with the perfect training program that is tailored to your needs, and promise to guide you to the shortest possible path to achieving your goals.

About Studios

First Class Trainers currently operates 55 stores in the Kansai region, including locations in Umeda, Shin-Osaka, Kitahama, Temmabashi, Minamimorimachi, Honmachi, Minami-Horie, Nagahoribashi, Tennoji, Tezukayama, Tenjinbashi-roku-chome, Kyobashi, Juso, Shonai, Toyonaka, Esaka, Kitasenri, Takatsuki, Kataba, Higashi-Osaka, Sakaihigashi, and Osaka Sayama, all conveniently located.


All of our stores share the unique concept of prioritizing a comfortable "interior taste" during training. One of the distinctive features of our stores is the use of artificial turf. With functional training done barefoot on the "artificial turf," you can experience stimulating sensations on your soles while doing full-body exercises. We offer various training programs, including machine training and free weight training, allowing you to enjoy training to increase muscle strength and hypertrophy to the fullest in our personal gym.


Our studios feature stylish spaces with themes of green, white, and vintage interiors resembling a café or apparel shop. Clients are free to choose their preferred studio each time. At First Class Trainers, we take the enjoyment of personal training seriously. If you are looking for a personal training gym in Osaka, look no further than us!


※ Studios


Tenmabashi Studio 1

Tenmabashi Studio 2

Sakaisuji Honmachi Studio


Umeda-Kita Studio 2

Umeda Shinmichi Studio

Kitahama Studio (Main Office)

Minamihorie Studio

Shin-Osaka Station Studio

Kitahama Kawaramachi Studio

Minami-Senba Nagahori Studio

Shinosaka Studio

Shin-Osaka North Studio

Juso Studio

Furukawabashi Studio

Umeda Tenroku Studio 

Kyobashi Studio

Tennoji Station Studio

Tezukayama Studio

Esaka Station Studio

Kitasenri Studio

Toyonaka Senri Studio

Toyonaka Shonai Station Studio

Takatsuki Studio

Kuzuha Studio (Hirakata CIty)

Osaka Sayama Kongo Studio (Osaka Sayama City)

Sakai HIgashi (Sakai City)


Nara Ohji Studio

Ayameike Studio (TONe)

Ikoma Studio

Tenri Studio

Nara Omiya Sudio


We have 55 studios Located throughout Kansai Area


With Personal Training, You Can…


  • Build Muscle & Gain Strength

    You will build muscle & gain strength through resistance workout! (Weight Trainings, Body Weight Training, & etc.)


  • Increase Endurance & Stamina

    Circuit training & Interval Training help you increase your endurance and stamina!



  • Get better Blood Cell Count

    You can increase your blood cell count through proper diet and exercise.


  • Increase Mobility & Flexibility

    Dynamic/Active stretching improves your Mobility and Flexibility and it helps you build a functional body.


  • Burn Fat

    You can boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning mode.


  • Have Your Ideal Body

    By targeting the specific muscles and body parts you want to improve on, you will be able to build your desired body.


  • Fix Your Shoulder/Back/Knee Pains

    Resistance training does not only help you build strength but also helps you reduce the stubborn pains and improve stabilization and proprioception of the muscles.


  • Improve QOL (Quality of Life)

    Better Body means better life. It will make you much more productive and active in your everyday life!


  • Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

    Clean diet and great physical condition will help strengthen your immune system.


  • Improve Mental Health

    Personal training helps you relieves stress, helps you sleep better, and boosts overall mood.




For Beginners

Please reach out to us to make an appointment for your trial session!
For those who never worked out before, has not exercised for decades, or does not even like exercises in general, we totally understand that you would think that personal training may not be sustainable for you.
The traditional heavy lifting program where you lift as heavy weights as you can is not as efficient as you may think it is and on the top of that, there is a high chance of losing your flexibility and mobility or even getting injured.


The secret of efficiently building your desired body fast from resistance trainings is to learn the proper techniques.

At First Class Trainers, we will first check your physical condition and will recommend you a sustainable training program accordingly.

During your session, we always ensure that you execute each exercise properly to maximize the efficiency of your exercise which will help you optimize your result.

Our trainers are always dedicated in providing the best communication and hospitality as possible on the top of the high-quality services in personal training and conditioning.

Before you start your personal training session with us, please feel free to ask your trainer as many questions as you want about any worries, questions, or concerns you may have regarding your goals as possible until you are comfortable starting your first personal training session with us.

We will determine your fitness level and physical conditions and will provide you with the perfect workout program for each of you so even if you are a beginner or are not confident in exercising, you can enjoy your fitness journey with us.


We mainly target the core with utilizing various fitness equipment to double the efficiency of your workout.
We truly believing in the fact that personal training makes the result 10x greater than working out by yourself. You will find out the reason why we maintain 95% customer satisfaction rate at your first trial session!

Best Personal Training Gym In Osaka! Start your personal training with First Class Trainers NOW!