What made you want to start personal training?

We asked our clients about their physical exercise experiences and the reasons they decided to hire a personal trainer.



#1 I was looking for a personal training gym where I can bring my kids with me. I used to exercise a lot before I gave a birth to my child. However, after I gave the childbirth, I became out of shape and ended up getting the baby weight.  I was so happy to find out that I can bring my kid into the FCT gym. I will work as hard as I can!


#2 I did not know how to train properly on my own.


#3 So many of my clothes just did not fit me anymore since I’ve gained so much weight…  I wanted to lose weight and correct my bad posture, but I also know that I cannot committed to the gym for a long time, so I wanted to learn the proper way of exercises and workouts and wanted to go on some efficient diet.


#4 I wanted to make exercise one of my daily habit and lose weight.


#5 Workout for Golf. I wanted to lean out and lose fat.


#6 Was looking for a great trainer that can train me the right way.


#7 I wanted to be trained by a professional trainer and wanted the trainer to help me with exercise and diet. I really needed some personal trainer who can keep me motivated.


#8 I want to exercise for anti-ageing. I have not exercised ever since middle school.


#9 I am not good at sport in general and I do not like exercising. Plus, I have not played any sports since high school.


#10 I have tried a fitness club before but did not know the suitable way to train.


#11 As I get older, I become out of shape and want to do something about it.


#12 I thought personal training is more efficient to build the desired body.


#13 I tried to go to the gym to lose weight, but it was a complete failure.


#14 Want to try some sustainable workout.


#15 I wanted to build a beautiful body!


#16 I want to shape up my body for my friend’s wedding, but I do not know where to start.