Tomoaki Mikiya


Nara Studio





2002 Graduated from Hakodate La Salle High School

2002 Started at Minnesota State University

2003 Transferred to Century College

2006 Transferred to Minnesota State University Mankato

2009 Graduated from Minnesota State University Mankato


   (Health & Nursing Human Performance Major, Food & Nutrition as Sub Major

Background History

2010 Kentucky Christian University; Trainer

2011 North Shore Navigators; Trainer

2011 Marshall University; Medical Teacher Assistant & Trainer

2014 Blaublitz Akita; Athletic Trainer

2017 Nara Club; Athletic Trainer




2010 NATA-ATC (National Athletic Trainers' Association – Athletic Trainer)

2016 Graston Technique Certified Clinician


2017 First-Class Trainers Registered Trainer




As a kid growing up, I always liked playing sports. In high school, I struggled finding a good coach. But luckily, the experience opened my eyes and helped me decide to move to the United States and study to become a great coach or trainer to help children succeed in sports which I was not able to archive.

 In the United States, I studied Physical Mechanism, Nutrition, and Strength and Conditioning and started working out at the same time.

Currently, I support clients as a personal trainer throughout the Nara area and am also a team trainer for Nara Club. I have been helping a wide range of clients including soccer players, business owners, business men, Office ladies, elderly etc.

 If you are in the Nara area, please feel free to contact me for your trial session!


For those who are looking for a personal trainer

I cannot confidently state that the proper sport training methods for children in their growth stages have not yet been distributed in Japan’s youth sports filed.  Most importantly, we need to do our best to prevent injuries and focus on increasing flexibilities when we train children.

If you need help with youth strength and conditioning, you have found the right guy!
I am here to support and contribute to the Nara youth sports.

I certainly hope for our youth’s successes and become international-level athletes in the future.

I have supported Business owners, business men, office workers, seniors in conditioning trainings.
They have their own health issues and they used to struggle finding what caused them having those issues before they met me. However, I came to realize that most of those issues were coming from their diets or lack of core strength.
I believe that once you fix your eating habits and enhance your core strength, you will be able to solve all those issues and will regain your body function and strength.

 I will provide you with the best knowledge and skills I learned in the United States.

If you wish to learn English, I can also coach in English as something extra to make your workout as enjoyable as possible.

I look forward to seeing you at your trail session!