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(United States)
1)Board Of Certification: Certified Athletic Trainer
2) National Strength and Conditioning Association: Certified Strength& Conditioning Specialist
3) National Academy of Sports Medicine: Performance Enhancement Specialist
4) Functional Movement Screening Pro. Lv.1

1) Australian Strength and Conditioning Association: Strength& Conditioning Coach Lv.1

1)Aug 2012-May 2014
Missouri State University
 Athletic Trainer(internship)
2)Jun 2014- Dec 2014
MultiSports Health Center
 Athletic Trainer
3)Jan 2015- Mar 2016
Lee University
 Assistant Athletic Trainer

4)May 2016- Apr 2018
 Malaysia Olympic/Paralympic Teams
 Senior Sport Specialist
5)Apr 2018- Jun 2018
 Rugby Top League TOYOTA Verblitz
 Rehab/Strength and Conditioning Coach
6)July 2018- Current
B League B2 Bambitious Nara
Head Athletic Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach

My strength is that I can understand both sports medicine and sports science since those are hand in hand and I started my career as a certified athletic trainer in the United States, equivalent to sports physio in many parts of the world. My motto is "No Pain, Just Gain". It is almost absurd to get injured through a strength training since it should not cause any harm if you do it right. Let's have a great time and I will be there for you to get to the next level!!


For those who are looking for a personal trainer


I would not have been able to support international-level athletes and medalists without the people who believed in me. They helped me fulfil my dream.


So, I would like to return the favor to those who want to archive their goals and their dreams but do not know how to get there, and be the hope for their dreams.


Now, it is your time! Look forward to seeing you at the gym!

 Reading and Learning new things

■Favorite Quote
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting the different result."(Albert Einstein)