You will never be successful regardless of how great your fitness method is if you lose your motivation.

We give a calorie monitor smart watch and featured app to monitor and understand your daily diet for us to make your workout as effective as possible.

with 2 workout sessions and coaching a week helps you increase your metabolism and overall daily calorie consumption.

We also do a nutritional consultation once a week to customize your diet plan.

you are no longer alone in your fitness journey. We work together to archive your goal. 


Say Goodbye to "Old You" and Say Hi to "New You"! 


Don't like to exercise? Can't be bothered watching your diet? Smart Watch is your life saver!

24/7 calorie monitoring with smart watch(POLAR®)

Excellent Private Personal Coaching with Professional Bilingual (ENG/JPN) Trainer  

Two Weekly Workout Sessions (18 Sessions in 2 months) 60 Minute Studio Workout

Diet Monitoring, Nutritional Advice, and Analysis with Asuken APP

Weekly Nutritional Consultation