You Can Choose From Our Seven Personal Trianing Plans

    If you ....

■Are struggling losing weight on your own

■Have no confidence in exercising

■Are unsure if you can keep up with the workouts

■Can’t stay committed to the gym

■Have gotten injured from doing exercises on their own

■Have a sporadic work schedule and cannot regularly train

■Want to get fit with professional coaching assistance

■Don’t know the proper way to train

■Cannot afford thousands worth of lessons in the beginning

■Live far away from the gym


Let us help you solve all those problems.

Want to start training on your own pace? Want to work out with your friends and family?

Want to start a short-term intensive diet? Want to track and manage your training data and analysis?

No problem. We provide a flexible training program on your demand to meet your needs.



     One-Day Plan, Set-Plan, Set-Plan Plus includes a first trial session.

     The Ultimate 2-months Weight-Loss Plan includes free dietary counseling.


One Day Plan(Recommended For Tourists )

Do you want to come in and get your workout done whenever you like? Want to work out with your family or friends at a reasonable price? Want to start training at your own pace? This plan is highly recommended for you. This plan is available for not only One-on-One sessions but also Group lessons (Up to 8 people). *You can choose your favorite personal trainer.



You can book your session 2, 4, 8 times per month and we 100% guarantee reservation time and the studio of your choice. Recommended to those who want to have a fixed workout schedule or beginners who want to form a habit of going to the gym.


Set-Plan Plus


We recommend this plan to those who want to come 2, 4, 8 times per month; plus, the use of “Polar” and “Asken” to have activity levels monitored and diet managed.


Set-Plan (Plus)


(Polar Coaching+ Asken Premium included)


Conditioning Training Plan


Weight Loss Plan(Smart Watch Weight Loss)

※Free Couseling

Get Stronger For Male


Get Stronger For Female