About Trainig


TRX is the most frequently requested workout by FCT clients.

TRX can create hundreds of exercises using just a participant's body weight and gravity. the intensity of TRX exercises is adjustable depends on a participant's preference and strength, and our personal trainer will teach you correct mechanics and techniques to fully maximize the effectiveness of the exercises. 

TRX has been used as one of the regular daily workouts by professional athletes, top models, actresses.


ViPR® is loaded Movement Training combines task-oriented movement patterning including jumps, lifting, carrying, pulling, stepping with resistance training. Agility and strength come from moving the body in a multitude of purposeful tasks with load, just like back on the farm.

ViPR can be regressed and progressed to fit the fitness level of each individual. ViPR helps enhanced performance in every sport and helps increase functionality, stability, mobility and agility. For those who wish to lose weight, ViPR can be used in circuit training to increase calorie burn, strength and enhance endurance, 

We can help you build a stronger and healthier body with ViPR. 


Group Training

Group Training can also be done at the FCT. You can workout with your family, friends, co-workers, team mates and have fun. 

You can workout at a reasonable price. (You cannot join other party's group training nor personal training.)


New Workout Method that burn 400kcal in 30 minutes! 

Quick HIIT400 is a new effective group training with heart rate/calorie monitoring system, POLAR TEAM.


QUICK HIIT400 combines mulitple body weight exercises to burn fat in a short period of time without losing muscularity.

Have fun with your friends and upbeat background music! 

You are no longer in your workout.