Set Plan Plus




You can book your session 2, 4, 8 times per month and we 100% guarantee reservation time and the studio of your choice. Plus, you will have access to the latest in cutting-edge technology with the “Polar” and “Asken” coaching service.  Recommended for those who want to take their fitness to the next level.

*Only for One-on-One (1 person) training plan.

*Trial Lesson Prices will vary according to trainer rank (Advance Trainer, Pro Trainer, Top Trainer). See Trainer List for further details.

*Your personal trainer may not be available for all of your sessions. If not available, another trainer will assist you in your workouts.


Initial Cost


Membership fee(A one off fee)

Registration Fee

Polar A370




Total Initial Cost                                                                                40,000yen



Trial Session 3,500yen~5,500yen
Bronze(Twice a month) 20,000yen/month
Silver(Four times a month) 36,000yen/month
Gold(Eight times a month) 66,000yen/month