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 We strongly suggest everyone to take a trial session so you can comfortably start your personal workout sessions with us. We do not solicit you at all. We only ask you if you wish to sing up after the first trial. 

If you still would like to sing up with us, we will process your registration and the payment (One-Time Enrollment Fee + your choice of the workout plan).


We conduct first trial sessions to help you determine if the program we offer is sustainable and helpful for you. 

Our average customer satisfaction rate is 92.1%.



To book a first trial session, please click the book a trial session button below and fill out the form. 


For a trial session

Place: FCT Studio

Date & Time: We will contact you as soon as we can

Duration of the trial session: 60 minutes (Workout: 30 minutes, Consultation: 30 minuites) 

Price: JPN/ENG Bilingual Trainer / Pro-Trainer: 4500JPY, Advance Trainer (Non-Bilingual): 3500JPY

Things you need to bring:  Fitness Clothes, Towel, No Indoor Shoes are required, Drink


※Cancellation Fee may be charged for the same-day cancellation

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TEL: 0800-222-5558

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