Kitahama Studio(In Main Office)

The studio is located right next to the FCT Osaka Main Office. 

You can enjoy our training studio, conference room, living room on your visit. 

Just 9 minutes away from Keihan & Subway Sakaisuji Lines, Sakaisuji-Honmachi Station and 8 minutes away Keihan & Subway Tanimachi Lines, Tenmmabashi Station.


Many business men/women come to our studio and some of them go for jogging right after their sessions as Nakanoshima park (popular jogging spot of Osaka City) is just a couple blocks down the street. 

you can get your workout done in your spare time such as before/after work, lunch time.

Come enjoy your personal training session with us!


This is the FTC Kitahama Studio.

Directions from subway Sakaisuji line · Keihan Kitahama station.


Take the exit at the 1A station Keihan Kitahama Station on the subway Sakaisuji line Kitahama.

Proceed East to Tosabori Avenue as Osaka Securities Exchange appears on your right.





The Hanshin Express overpass will be visible, proceed East.



Pass through the overpass and continue walking about 100m.



Turn south on Tenjinbashi Matsuyamachisuji Intersection.


After walking about 150 m from the Tenjin Bridge crossing, the First Class Trainers Kitahama Studio will appear on the right side, 2F of the guran kōpu Higashikōraibashi building. Turn right at the traffic light and enter 2F from the south entrance.